About us


At Eleanor Care Homes, we want our residential care for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, dementia and/or other complex needs to be the most positive possible experience for our service users.

To ensure that positive experience starts at the earliest stage, our assessment process is designed to ensure that our services are appropriate to each person’s needs and that they are comfortable about moving into one of our homes.

Once we have carried out the assessment and made a placement offer, we focus on making the transition and settling in process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Our goal is to enable each person we support to lead a full, enjoyable and active life – in the way that best suits their needs and wishes – at home and in the wider community.

Our person-centred approach includes an emphasis on understanding why someone behaves in certain ways and identifying verbal and non-verbal communication techniques they are comfortable with. In this way, we can support them express their wishes and feelings using the approach with which they feel most comfortable.

For service users with dementia, we provide support designed to maintain daily living skills and address memory and concentration issues, for example through plans for daily routines and sensory stimulation.

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