People with learning disabilities and/or physical, high care and complex needs, including dementia, may be entitled to support with their residential care costs, following assessment of care needs and finances.

The social services department of your local council will assess your care needs, circumstances and finances to decide if you are entitled to help with paying for care.

Depending our your needs, your local Primary Care Trust may also carry out an assessment to decide whether you require nursing care and the NHS may contribute to your care costs. Some people who require ongoing, specialist treatment may be eligible to have the full cost of their care paid for.

Some care packages will be paid for through a mixture of local authority and NHS funding.

If you are going to move into a care home, you have the right to decide which one – even if it is outside your local area – provided it is suitable for your assessed needs and meets the cost criteria of your local authority.

If you would like more detailed information on funding residential care, or on Eleanor Care Homes, please contact us.