Our approach


At Eleanor Care Homes, individualised, person-centred care and support is at the heart of our approach. Our focus is to support the people we care for to enjoy the best possible quality of life and maximum independence.

As part of this, we encourage and support each resident to take responsibility for their own planning, decision-making and actions, in the way they feel most comfortable with. This process includes contributing to their own person-centred support plan and identifying what they want to achieve.

Then we support each person to take skill and confidence-building steps towards their larger goals, promoting independence and self-esteem by developing and maximising people’s abilities and living skills.

We also enable wide-ranging opportunities for meaningful activities and interaction with others that contribute to residents’ personal development and achievement. Our homes’ convenient location in the heart of their local community offers easy access to educational, leisure and social opportunities.

A key objective of our care homes is to support residents to make the informed decisions and choices that enable them to take control of their lives and progress towards maximum independence – an approach that includes supporting residents to take an active part in the way their home is run.

By understanding why people may behave in certain ways, and exploring tools such as verbal and non-verbal communication techniques and memory aids, we support individuals to express their wishes and feelings and also create a more personalised care plan for them. For service users with dementia, we provide support designed to maintain daily living skills and to stimulate memory and concentration.

We also provide ongoing training to our staff, with an emphasis on learning disability and dementia, to ensure they are able to support our residents in the most effective way.

Our approach to everything we do at our care homes is reflected in our mission statement…

“Eleanor aims to set the standard in the care sector by delivering exceptional quality care with a team who have a real passion for delivering client-focused care with dignity and respect, which is valued by our clients and admired by all stakeholders.”

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