Care delivery & support

All new Eleanor Healthcare staff are selected through a value based recruitment approach that identifies job fit and attitude as well as ability. This incorporates a profiling tool to match applicants’ personalities to the requirements of the role so they are more likely to suit the work and stay longer. This reduces our staff turnover and improves consistency of care for service users.

We also incorporate a Safeguarding attitudinal screening tool to identify patterns of risk including hostility, reliability and integrity. The use of this tool has been recognised by the Care Quality Commission as contributing towards the achievement of Safeguarding outcomes.

To ensure our workforce reflects the diversity and needs of the local population we not only source applicants via advertised job boards and traditional sources for frontline staff but also using a community outreach approach. This method allows us to identify high potential groups and individuals amongst the local population.

We know from international research that the most reliable and highest performing care staff are mature individuals such as those with familial caregiving experience and those who volunteer or give their time to others already. Eleanor Healthcare operates a unique system of outreach to target these high potential groups rather than simply recruiting existing care staff from other providers.

We seek to give all shortlisted applicants the opportunity to meet a member of their future team which increases the likelihood of quality candidates joining us and also makes existing staff feel valued.

Our retention strategy is focused on the outcome of preserving the valuable relationship built between carefully selected care staff and their service users. We have identified 10 core factors that drive staff retention and work to embed these in our day-to-day operations. As an example a key component that motivates and retains care staff is appreciation. We coach our supervisory and coordination staff to create a culture where frontline staff are respected and ‘thank you’ is often heard.

We are also committed to create a warm and friendly working environment with a specific programme for new starters including mentoring and feedback. We are careful not to overwhelm new staff and, where possible, increase their rostered hours as they grow in confidence. All of this reduces the risk of staff leaving and improves the reliability and consistency of care for service users.