Free carer travelcards


At Eleanor Nursing and Social Care, we have taken huge steps to reduce our carbon footprint, and tackle the harmful levels of emissions within the borough of Lewisham.

Our group, run by Marc Santhiapillai, are implementing a novel policy to help our homecare branches become more eco-friendly.

Our carers are being given the choice of a free bicycle or free monthly top-up of their oyster card, which they are permitted to use during work hours and in their free time. This innovative move will be a massive help to the local council, who have been pushing for Lewisham to go green and have spoken of their need to support industry in achieving this goal.

We employ over 200 people within Lewisham alone, so the community stands to benefit immensely from our provision of eco-friendly transport alternatives for each of our carers. We hope that our carers will encourage their friends and families to make similar changes to their daily commutes, reducing both CO2 emissions and traffic congestion within the borough.

The switch to riding a bike can also have huge health benefits; especially for the younger generation, who often struggle to find opportunities to partake in exercise. In many cases, cycling is also quicker than driving in London, as it allows you to bypass stationary traffic and cuts out, that all too familiar pain, of scouring the back streets for a place to park. By shortening journey times, we are able to provide a better quality of care to the vulnerable members of our community that we care for, as each of our carers has more time to spend with the service users that rely on them.

Our commitment to going green has already been recognised by the Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock, for Excellence in Environmental Practice and we have since introduced unique software that has automated our back office, making it virtually paperless. This latest venture is furthering our reputation as a business that goes above and beyond to serve our local community. Hopefully other businesses will be encouraged to follow our lead and make an effort to go green.