Hospital off-site storage & ordering


Eleanor’s off-site warehouse operating systems and services have been designed to store high to low value and strategic catalogued items chosen by trust procurement teams, which can be called off on a daily basis from materials management teams within hospitals.

Eleanor’s online hospital trust ordering portal was specifically designed to support the materials management operations of trusts and allows hospital teams to access a “live” account of all their inventoried stock level quantities and expiry batch information from the comfort of their office and work area.

Through the use of our stock management systems, Eleanor provide trusts with 100 per cent confidence that no products stored at Eleanor’s facility will fall below the minimum stock levels or become obsolete, through our extremely tight controls on expiry management.

On a daily basis, our system will automatically notify trusts with minimum re-order and expiry notification e-mails when stock levels hit the agreed parameters.

Over the years we have collectively reduced clinical area store rooms’  stock holdings, leading to a reduction in ordering value, capital charges and savings generated through bulk purchase price break negotiation.

Hospital off-site trust purchase order cross docking

Working closely with NHS trusts and procurement teams, we have for many years provided NHS hospital trusts with operating warehouses strategically positioned within a few miles of hospitals in order to redirect and manage suppliers’ purchase order deliveries and reduce the congestion and delay at the hospital receipt and distribution loading bays.

We take great pride at Eleanor in delivering a quality service and for this reason we designed our systems to capture any quality issues, from health and safety to missing paperwork and damaged items and feed this management information back to our NHS customers.

Over the years, we have not only saved our customers thousands of pounds through the 100 per cent checking process of supplier purchase orders that in many hospitals would have gone unnoticed but through the use of our systems we have provided NHS procurement teams with information that has helped improve the accuracy and efficiency of their suppliers and delivery.

Once the delivery has been received at our facility, each order is inspected and receipted onto the trust’s procurement system and tracked through our online hospital logistics tracking system, which was specifically designed for the NHS.

Our system recognises the different zones of the hospital and consolidates each hospital parcel into cages destined for particular areas of the hospital. This process ensures that the hospital materials management team do not waste unproductive time sorting through the deliveries when they arrive at the hospital and the travel time wasted walking from one end of the hospital to the other, a development that has saved significant money in on site staff resource costs.