Our promise to clients


Eleanor Nursing Agency in London has been providing nursing and healthcare staff since 1979, developing comprehensive experience in our sector and a detailed understanding of the needs and priorities of our clients.

In everything we do, we are focused on providing the highest quality care and as part of that, we make the following promises to our clients.

We will set standards and benchmarks of quality, efficiency and administrative excellence, particularly in the area of staff training.

We will operate a recruitment process that exceeds the minimum standards set out in the National Minimum Standards.

We will concentrate on continual improvement in all aspects of our service delivery through:

  • ongoing consultation and responsiveness to your changing needs and demands
  • the quality management of daily operations.
  • the recruitment, selection, training/development and retention of our workforce within a client centred-culture.

We will provide a competitively priced service.

We will uphold and maintain codes of ethics and best practice and statutory regulatory policies

We will provide a professional and efficient response to any feedback, comments, suggestions or complaints.

We will undertake regular quality assurance checks by monitoring performance and evaluation procedure of clients and candidates.

We will work in partnership with you, and the local and central governmental organisations.

We will provide services that preserve the self-respect and dignity of those who depend on us, regardless of race, creed, age or sexual orientation.

We will strive to achieve the best environmental practice by complying with environmental laws and regulations relevant to our business, while having management systems in place designed to continually improve environmental performance above minimum required levels

We will ensure managers are fully accountable on improving performance through following central and local government environmental policy.

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