Supported Living

Our services are offered to adults with learning disabilities or mental health conditions who would like to live independently in their own home.

People who receive supported living services at Eleanor Living Skills are empowered to take control of their life and our housing and support is planned around your requirements.

Supported living at Eleanor Living Skills can be funded using your own private funds or with funding from your local authority. Supported living is not just for people who are more independent and can offer those who have previously lived in residential care with an opportunity to return to their own home.

If you want to get involved in new hobbies or activities, we will help you discover what is available locally to you and help you access them. If you decide to get more involved in your local community, we will support you every step of the way.

Almost anyone can be supported to live in their own home and at Eleanor Living Skills we maintain that everyone has the right to live how they want.

Living Independently

Living independently can be one of life’s greatest achievements. Like many of us who have our own networks of support, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities may need a helping hand to reach their goals. Eleanor Living Skills Supported Living Service assists individuals in living independently and provides opportunities to help them shape the direction of their lives. Individuals can choose to live on their own or with a housemate and learn how to make everyday decisions, such as what to cook for dinner or how to manage money.

We encourage individuals to do as much for themselves as possible, with the knowledge that our staff is there to support them whenever the need arises. Our Supported Living Services build on each person’s strengths and help them become increasingly independent. We offer hourly support based on each person’s needs in areas including:

  • Access to transportation
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Managing money
  • Getting involved in the community
  • Maintaining health and wellness
  • Scheduling appointments

Promoting Independence and Choice

The ability to choose our friends, where we live, and what we like to do for fun is what makes our lives unique. With our Supported Living Services, we strive to help individuals succeed in an environment that they help create. We tailor our services to meet the needs and interests of each person and focus on helping them make important everyday decisions.

Staff offer services within the home that are tailored to individual needs, while emphasising increased independence and participation in the community. Staff provide a high level of on-going personal care and safety assistance so that individuals can live in their own homes and direct their own lives. We encourage independence in tasks for which the individual has the skill and/or ability.

Working in partnership with all professionals, we ensure those people being supported are given the best input and treatment possible.

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