For employers


As a health and social care employer, you recognise the value of investing in training for your staff, to maintain and enhance the quality of your services.

Supporting your staff with ongoing training not only benefits your organisation by enhancing their skills and knowledge.

It also reflects the value you place on your team and their career development, enhances your employer-employee relationships and means that your workforce is built up of people qualified and well-equipped to progress to more senior roles within your organisation.

At Eleanor Training Centre, we are committed to delivering the right training to your employees, to help you achieve the quality and performance goals of your organisation, as well as your regulatory objectives. We also understand the financial pressures on the care sector, so you will find that our fees are cost-effective and competitive. Please contact us for detailed information on fees for the courses you are interested in.

Our OCR registration provides independent confirmation of the high quality of the courses we offer, which are delivered by tutors who have hands-on experience of the health and social care sector and are therefore able to provide trainees with practical advice and feedback to support them throughout their learning experience.

Trainees on our courses are thoroughly assessed using methods including written assignments, evidence portfolios, presentations and direct observation in the workplace, giving employers reassurance that their employees have had to meet the required standards in completing courses and achieving qualifications.

As an equal opportunities organisation, we respect and embrace the diversity of age, gender, race, belief, culture, disability and sexual identity of our trainees, our employees and everyone we work with, at all times.

For more information about Eleanor Training Centre’s health and social care training in London, please contact us.